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Website Rebuild

Vail Resorts Retail is a part of the Vail Resorts family of companies. As the premier mountain resort company, Vail Resorts is the world and a leader in luxury destination-based travel at iconic locations. Vail Resorts Retail owns and operates over 180 world-class retail shopping locations worldwide.


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The Problem

Consolidate 18 Vail Resorts Retail websites that were on multiple content management systems (CMS) and hosted across multiple hosting services.

The Solution

Utilizing Umbraco as our open-source CMS system and partnering with a local development agency we were able to host all 18 websites on a Vail Resorts server utilizing one retail website template with multiple page modules.

The Results

  • Consolidation of outside web hosting services saving over $10,000 in infastructure costs
  • One unifiedd Umbraco CMS system for all 18 websites
  • Created measurable website metrics through Google Analytic event tracking (Phone Calls, Directions, Contact Form Submissions)

The Proof

Many of the websites created are still in use today. While the content may have changed over the years the functionality and business-driving impact stand the test of time. See it in action at the Vail Resorts Retail Website.

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