Ford Motor Company

✎ Summary

For Ford and Lincoln’s Continued Protection Plans (CSP), I developed an engaging online experience to complement a traditional print campaign, educating customers about their protection plans. By implementing a multi-touchpoint nurture email campaign, we drove customers to an interactive video experience, significantly enhancing engagement and driving policy purchases. The project achieved a 55% open rate, a click-through rate twice the industry standard, increased customer awareness during calls, and generated over $100k in net revenue in the first quarter.

? Opportunity

Create an online interactive experience that would accompany a traditional print campaign to help educate Ford and Lincoln customers about the Ford Continued Protection Plan.

✔️ Solution

A multi-touchpoint nurture email campaign that would drive all Ford and Lincoln CSP customers into an interactive video experience to help drive policy purchases.

✭ Impact

  • 55% Open-rate percentage on the initial reminder email
  • Click-thru rate 2x the industry standard
  • Greater program awareness from customers  during inbound calls
  • Generated $100k+ in net revenue within the first quarter of the program

My Role

Product Strategy

Project Management

Digital Marketing


Data Analysis

♬ Media

Ford Video Experience
Ford Quote Engine
Lincoln Video Experience
Lincoln Quote Engine
Ford CSP Email
Lincoln CSP Email