Good Sam

✎ Summary

Implemented an engaging online nurture experience for Good Sam, complementing a 120-day print campaign. Developed an interactive video experience with a segmented six-touchpoint email campaign tailored to 14 customer profiles. Achieved a 5% increase in ESP sales within the first quarter and maintained an average 40% open rate throughout the campaign. Significantly boosted customer engagement metrics, resulting in a 10x increase in actions taken (calls, quotes, video consumption.


? Opportunity

Create a captivating online nurture experience to accompany a traditional print campaign spread over a 120-day sales cycle.

✔️ Solution

An online interactive video experience accompanied by a six touchpoint email nurture campaign that was segmented to 14 different customer profiles.

✭ Impact

  • Increased ESP sales 5% in the first quarter of implementation
  • Averaged 40% open rate through the six email touchpoints over the 120 days
  • Drove a 10x on actions taken with customer engagement metrics (calls, quotes, video consumption)

My Role

Product Strategy

Project Management

Digital Marketing


Data Analysis

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Good Sam ESP Final Screen
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