Rūḥ | روح

Rūḥ is an AR platform that allows families to celebrate and grieve a loved one’s death in an intimate way, unbound by time and location. 

Leaving a Legacy

Rūḥ is the Arabic word for “soul.” Traditionally, funerals in the Islamic faith require burials taking place as soon after death as possible and rarely having an open casket. The processing of a loved one’s death takes place in a mourning period after burial and beyond, in conversations with family members, sharing of photos, and talking about memories. 

Rūḥ, the AR platform designed for families to intimately grieve and celebrate a loved one, reflects the Islamic ritual of emphasizing the soul instead of the physical body in death. 

Using the interactive AR experience to memorialize a picture or video, Rūḥ creates a meaningful way to remember a loved one once they’ve passed.


Who is Rūḥ for?

Rūḥ is for people who want to prepare a meaningful way for their families and friends to remember them once they have passed. Rūḥ is also for people and families looking for a powerful way to memorialize loved ones they have lost, for themselves and for generations to come.

How does Rūḥ work?
  • Rūḥ creates AR experiences from photos and/or recorded imagery of a deceased loved one based on photos taken during their life. These may be accessed through smart devices, including Apple and Android products. 
  • Rūḥ functions as an add-on service for individuals at the time of writing a will. Customers of Rūḥ are able to create and address AR/VR messages to loved ones for delivery at the time of the will reading.
  • Rūḥ can also be requested by families looking for a powerful way to memorialize loved ones they’ve lost.
  • Loved ones will have lifetime access to these recordings and will be able to share these as desired–for example, as the family grows.
What does Rūḥ cost?

Preliminary cost breakdowns for our services are as follows:

  • $10 one time cost to turn a photo into a personal, memorialized AR experience
  • $1000 per access code* one time cost for AR experience + custom locations — 100 gb of storage. 
  • $2000/100GB for interactive AR/VR

* Note: access codes may be shared but experiences are tied to these codes, hence multiple codes must be purchased for customized experiences.

Where can I see Rūḥ’s business plan?


Allay Care Services

Allay Care helps people document their end-of-life preferences. They are incorporating Rūḥ into their offerings. 

Rocket Lawyer

Our new partnership with Rocket Lawyer focused on offering ruh to their clients seeking help and advice writing and revising wills and related legal documents.

National Palliative Care Research Center

A grant from NPCRC will help fund our educational arm, dedicated to making it easier for people to talk about and plan for end of life.


We have partnered with Healium to share augmented reality resources and best practices as we work jointly to use technology smartly to help people heal.

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