PGA TOUR Superstore

E-Commerce Website Launch


The PGA TOUR Superstore is a licensee of the PGA TOUR which owns and operates 30+ retail locations within the United States.


PGA TOUR Superstore embarked on an aggressive growth strategy but had a dated and unfocused website that reflected poorly on the customer experience and was not reaching potential in sales.


With an emphasis on achieving higher sales and greater conversions, the new $3 million+ website captures the energy and excitement of the golf and tennis world with best practices in e-commerce and web design, intended specifically for the target audience.


  • Email marketing engagement increase by 5% with the new user-focused design
  • Pay-per-click conversion rose 2% in the first quarter
  • Integrated over 300,000 preferred customer accounts into the new website CMS
  • Added a new customer-focused private lesson booking engine


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