Starbucks Coffee

✎ Summary

The Starbucks College Achievement Plan allows eligible Starbucks partners (employees) to earn an online bachelor’s degree through a partnership with Arizona State University. The long term goal of the Starbucks College Achievement Plan (SCAP) is to help get 25,000 partners graduated by 2025.

? Problem

Create an online interactive experience that would inform, qualify and nurture a Starbucks partner through all elements of the SCAP program.

✔️ Solution

A multi-touchpoint (email/SMS/MMS) video nurture campaign that spread across three months to help inform and encourage partners to enroll in the Starbucks College Achievement Plan.

✭ Impact

  • 65% Open-rate percentage on initial SCAP welcome email
  • Within two weeks of the campaign, launch set an all-time for appointments with enrollment counselors at ASU
  • Greater program awareness to partners helped to enroll in the program leading to over 700+ partners graduating

My Role

Product Strategy

Project Management

Digital Marketing


Data Analysis

♬ Media

Starbucks SCAP Video
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