Vail Resorts Retail

✎ Summary

Consolidated 18 Vail Resorts Retail websites from multiple CMS platforms and hosting services. Utilized Umbraco as unified CMS, one retail template with multiple modules. Saved $10K in infrastructure costs, achieved unified CMS system, and implemented Google Analytics event tracking for website metrics.

? Problem

Consolidate 18 Vail Resorts Retail websites that were on multiple content management systems (CMS) and hosted across multiple hosting services.

✔️ Solution

Utilizing Umbraco as our open-source CMS system and partnering with a local development agency we were able to host all 18 websites on a Vail Resorts server utilizing one retail website template with multiple page modules.

✭ Impact

  • Consolidation of outside web hosting services saving over $10,000 in infastructure costs
  • One unifiedd Umbraco CMS system for all 18 websites
  • Created measurable website metrics through Google Analytic event tracking (Phone Calls, Directions, Contact Form Submissions)

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