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The MB/A Accelerator is an 8-week virtual program designed to accelerate the careers of top-performing professionals. The highly competitve program allowed me to collaborate, create, and build connections with top performing professionals from across the country while working through modern day company case studies. It was by far one of the best career choices I have made and below are three of the solutions our team put together based upon the case studies presented. 

Group 1 – Founding Cohort

Our group meetup in Denver, CO after our graduation. Great times!

Week 1 Dossier | Uber

While Uber seems like a staple in our transit society today it wasn’t always a dream. Let’s go back to 2017 when Uber was going through multiple growing pains of culture issues, government regulation, and a major CEO shakeup. How should you effectively communicate to your internal team and investors that Uber is still on track for global success? Check out our crisis communication strategy. 


Week 4 | RUH

How would you revitalize and innovate a dying legacy industry? This was the question posed to our group during our week 4 dossier and our group took it quite literally. The funeral industry is as old as time so it is due for an innovative solution called Ruh which helps to encapsulate our loved ones memory.

See what Alex Lieberman CEO of ☕ Morning Brew had to say about Ruh


Week 8 | Tuesday Software

Fast growing startups can run into multiple problems during a rapid growth phase and it isn’t always easy to decide on a direction to best fix multiple problems. Where should you put your focus to get back on track and keep your rocket charged startup going? Checkout our solution for the Tuesday Software platform. 

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