Introducing Tuesday

Our New Campaign

We are excited to share our next focus here on Tuesday: a revamped sales and marketing strategy that will help us overcome current obstacles and reach our long-term goals. Keep reading for our messages to our investors and our employees in the below sections, followed by a detailed timeline for our company. 


More than 50% of workers report that their energy and drive is highest at the beginning of the week, and 35% name the second day of the week as their most productive day. With 100 employees nationwide, we at Tuesday are on a mission to optimize the business experience and make every day as productive as most people’s Tuesdays. 

With projected long-term growth and an anticipated minimum valuation of $200M at our next financing round, our strategic sales and marketing campaign is positioned for launch. Our targeted efforts will focus on:

  1. Boosting Sales Outreach – Two new members of the sales team will be hired to boost outreach. 
  2. Amplifying Product Awareness – Marketing spend will be increased by 50% to amplify product awareness. 
  3. Reducing the Customer Acquisition Cost – Inefficiencies in the marketing and sales funnel will be addressed to reduce the CAC.
  4. Customer Education – A customer success team will be created to boost existing customer satisfaction and product knowledge


Tuesday has made the exciting decision to double down on our sales & marketing efforts in order to grow the company and allow for more investment focused on our employees and customers. 

Analyzing Our Problem

Tuesday’s growth has slowed due to short-term undesirable trends in customer churn and customer acquisition cost, resulting in  a decreasing lifetime value of customers. This leveling off must first be addressed before energy can be directed to improving Tuesday’s underlying burn rate – as it stands, our expenses exceed our revenue. In order to bridge the gap to our next round of funding, we made the decision to invest in revamping our sales & marketing strategy.

Our Solution

By investing in our sales & marketing team, we will be able to expand our core product’s customer base. This will lead to an increased revenue growth rate, positively impacting our valuation at our next funding raise. It will also decrease our time to profitability by 5 months from a currently projected July 2022 to February 2022*.

Where are we going?

  • Now: Sales & Marketing investment to increase revenue in the short term ahead of our next funding round. 
  • Near Future: Investment in leadership as our employee team grows.
  • Longterm: Investment in diversifying our product as our loyal customer base increases.