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Our goal is to make the greatest impact with the time and capital we have before our Series C funding round next year. Analysis has revealed that the best indicated path forward is to aggressively invest in our sales and marketing departments to boost our growth trends as we prepare to raise another round of capital. Adding two members to our customer success team will allow us to more effectively hear and act on the communicated needs of the driving force behind Tuesday’s success: those who use Tuesday every day.

Employee Memo

 Employees were sent a detailed memo of our plan and the opportunity to be the first ones to see the new marketing campaign.

Our Mission

Tuesday’s mission is to make every day the most productive day of the week. With our proprietary software, we are serving customers where they are at throughout their workday. 


This initiative is broken down into a few key features that will drive Tuesday’s success over the next 12 months.


Increasing our sales team will help grow our customer base through an increased number of sales channels.


Our new customer success team will help address our customers problems before they become pain points.


A revamped marketing campaign will help grow our user base by increasing awareness of Tuesday.


Sales funnel inefficiencies will be worked out as part of this campaign to aid the effectiveness of our growth team.


Our dedicated customer success team will also help teach customers how to better use Tuesday to work for them.


Increase our team’s efficiency utilizing innovative internal marketing techniques to improve company culture.

Where are we going?

  • Now: Sales & Marketing investment to increase revenue in the short term ahead of our next funding round. 
  • Near Future: Investment in leadership as our employee team grows.
  • Longterm: Investment in diversifying our product as our loyal customer base increases.

Who We Are

Tuesday is a Software as a Service company providing productivity software to businesses in order to maximize their team’s efficiency and organization.

Rachel Sebald

Rachel Sebald

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Ryan Kruchten

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Sofia Arthurs-Schoppe

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Bryant Palmer

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Ash Roese

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Nick Mendler

“Tuesday; the software that makes me want to smash that like button everyday.”

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