Nick Mendler

Nick Mendler

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Prduct Manager // Web Designer // Nonprofit Leader

As a digital technologist, I am looking to re-engage with contract work and am open to full-time opportunities, either remote, hybrid, or in Jacksonville, Florida. With extensive skills in product management, project management, and website administration, I offer a wealth of experience and a passion for innovation. I am also an active learner, continually working on certifications or knowledge-building exercises in areas like Web3, design, and other fields.


— PROJECT Management


— UX / UI






Eye Spy Foundation


Eye Spy Foundation

May 2022 – Present


As the founder of the Eye Spy Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, my role is to lead our mission, program development, and partnerships, all aimed at creating a more accessible digital future for the blind and low-vision community. Our flagship project will be the definitive resource for the blind and low-vision community. 


Senior Product Manager

The Giving Block

Feb 2022 – May 2022


As a Senior Product Manager at The Giving Block, I led the development and management of our product offerings, focusing on creating a referral system for charities in the Web3 crypto space. I collaborated cross-functionally with creatives, developers, and founders, defining strategies and prioritizing features. With a user-centric approach, I made cryptocurrency donations accessible and impactful for nonprofits.


Senior Product Manager

WOW! Cable, Internet & Phone

May 2019 – Nov 2019


As part of WOW!’s digital innovation team, I led the redesign of, integrating live sales chat and achieving a 10% increase in customer capture rates. I managed UX and Design, facilitated cross-team decision-making, and collaborated closely with internal and external stakeholders. 


Director of Marketing

Tom’s Urban Restaurant Group

Dec 2017 – Apr 2019


As an innovative marketing director in the entertainment industry, I leveraged digital innovation, strategic brand partnerships, and product integrations to drive top-line revenue. Through captivating marketing initiatives, I increased brand visibility and created immersive consumer experiences. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, I consistently delivered impactful results.


Digital Project Manager

Influence Technologies

Oct 2015 – Aug 2017


In a fast-paced tech startup environment, I have thrived in creating innovative digital products for industry-leading brands like Starbucks, Ford, and Camping World. As a key contributor, I played a vital role in developing new features for a proprietary video platform, enhancing its functionality and user experience. With a passion for pushing boundaries and delivering impactful solutions, I am driven to continuously innovate and contribute to the success of cutting-edge digital products in dynamic industries.


Digital Marketing Manager

Vail Resorts

Feb 2014 – Mar 2015


As the Digital Manager at Vail Resorts Retail, I oversaw all digital operations and collaborated with external agencies to achieve exceptional outcomes. I managed a significant digital marketing budget for over 40 outdoor retail brands, implementing cost-saving measures through website consolidation. By providing strategic digital roadmaps and marketing strategies, I contributed to driving 50% of the division’s sales revenue.


Attune Digital

Digital Project Manager

Sep 2012 – Apr 2014


Experienced in end-to-end project management of digital/interactive initiatives, I drive successful outcomes by scoping, defining, and leading implementation based on business requirements.

  • Generated a 15% boost in in-app revenue for GolfLogix through innovative triggered email campaigns.
  • Led the successful launch of a multi-million-dollar E-Commerce website for PGA TOUR Superstore.
  • Managed 15% of channel revenue for PGA TOUR Superstore, optimizing PPC, email marketing, and SEO.

PGA TOUR Experiences

Digital Project Manager

Jun 2011 – Sep 2012


Results-driven project manager with a proven track record in resource allocation and stakeholder management. Excelled in overseeing diverse projects and maintaining strong relationships with internal and external contributors.

  • Managed projects for PGA TOUR Experiences, PGA TOUR Club, and channels.
  • Optimized Google PPC campaigns, generating a 12% revenue increase in 2012 with a budget of $225,000.
  • Provided insightful reports on digital marketing metrics and results to the executive team.

The Hoffman Agency

Digital Project Manager

Dec 2010 – Jun 2011


As a Digital Marketing Manager, I excelled in overseeing large-scale campaigns and development projects in a dynamic boutique agency. With a strategic mindset, I constructed and managed client budgets, implementing impactful multi-channel campaigns that drove significant social media metric growth.- Constructed and managed a $70,000+ quarterly marketing budget for UF & Shands Jacksonville Hospital

  • Managed digital marketing campaigns and projects in a boutique agency setting.
  • Constructed and managed marketing budgets for clients.
  • Increased social media metrics through multi-channel campaigns.

PGA TOUR Experiences

Digital Project Manager

May 2006 – Dec 2010


I was responsible for overseeing all aspects of digital projects. This included managing website enhancements, formulating social media strategies, implementing SEM (PPC and SEO) campaigns, and overseeing the development of large-scale web applications. Additionally, I successfully led multiple website launches and post-launch enhancements, while also developing and delivering impactful newsletter campaigns.

  • Managed digital projects, website enhancements, and social media strategy.
  • Developed and delivered newsletter campaigns.
  • Led multiple website launches and post-launch enhancements.

My Work




Morning Brew 

Uber MBA Project

Tom’s Urban

TSR Shipwreck

TSR Website Laptop


Starbucks Project Phone

University of Oregon

Oregon Women in Flight Mobile

Good Sam

brands I’ve worked with:



Web Design

Product Management


Digital Marketing

Rapid Prototyping

Information Architecture

Data Automation

Morning Brew MB/A Accelerator

Graduate 2021

The Founder Institute

Entrepreneurial Studies 2014

University of north florida

BA Communications

2002 – 2006


HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification

HubSpot Digital Marketing Certification

As a HubSpot Digital Marketing certified professional, I specialize in creating and managing comprehensive digital marketing strategies. This certification has enhanced my skills in content marketing, social media, SEO, and paid advertising. I leverage these skills to drive traffic, engage audiences, and boost conversions. With a data-driven approach, I optimize campaigns for maximum impact and ROI, ensuring your digital marketing efforts are effective and aligned with business goals.

HubSpot  Inbound Certification

HubSpot Inbound Certification

As a HubSpot Inbound Marketing certified professional, I excel in creating and executing strategies that attract, engage, and delight customers. This certification has honed my skills in content creation, social media marketing, and lead nurturing, all tailored to align with the buyer’s journey. I leverage data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and improve conversion rates, ensuring a seamless and impactful inbound marketing approach for your business.

HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certified

HubSpot Contextual Marketing Certified

As a HubSpot Contextual Marketing certified professional, I specialize in personalizing website experiences to meet the unique needs and preferences of your visitors. This certification has equipped me with skills to tailor content based on contact segmentation, ensuring a more relevant and engaging user experience. With expertise in lead segmentation strategies and developing buyer personas, I can effectively optimize your website for higher engagement and conversion rates.

Google My Business Certified

Google My Business Certified

The Google My Business Certification validates your expertise in managing and optimizing business listings on Google. It demonstrates your ability to enhance local search presence, engage with customers, and utilize tools like reviews, posts, and analytics. Certified users can effectively use Google My Business to improve visibility, attract more customers, and drive business growth.

Google Analytics Certified

Google Analytics Certified

The Google Analytics 4 Certification showcases your ability to leverage GA4 for valuable insights and informed marketing decisions. It demonstrates proficiency in setting up and structuring properties, as well as using various reporting tools and features. Certified users can effectively analyze data to optimize marketing strategies and drive business growth.

HubSpot SEO Certification

HubSpot SEO Certification

As a HubSpot SEO certified professional, I specialize in optimizing websites to improve search engine rankings and drive organic traffic. This certification enhanced my skills in keyword research, on-page and off-page SEO, and technical SEO. I use data-driven strategies to boost content and website performance, ensuring higher visibility and better search engine results. My goal is to help your business attract more qualified leads and achieve sustainable growth through effective SEO practices.